Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Granny Got Run Over by a CHRIS HARE...

So Granny texted me last night while I was working (“Granny” is our affectionate term for my mother, in my family. For a full explanation on the nickname, see: 


and she said, “I know you’re watching Men Tell All, so no hurry to reply, but do you have enough sunscreen?”

Grace: Haha I’m impressed that you knew tonight was MTA, but Kirk and Kristy are in their new house, so cable and network TV aren’t even hooked up yet. And yes, I have sunscreen.

Granny: Oh, dear. But don’t you have to watch for your bloggy blog?

Grace: I do, but I shall watch on the morrow. I CAN assure you that you just became the most attentive mother of a blogger that there ever was…

And upon pulling up ABC.com this morning, I was greeted with THIS image:

Wait for it… WAIT FOR IT…

Nope, I still don’t regret the pop tart and two cookies I had with my bagel this morning…

I will most likely post tomorrow morning, because I refuse (unlike almost ALL of the contestants on this show) to sacrifice good grammar for the timely execution of drama. In the meantime, check out the Granny post, above. It was from the finale. Sean Lowe retweeted it, and we’ve been dating ever since.

That second part was a lie. But the first part was totally true. 

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