Tuesday, July 25, 2017

It's Miracle Season, Y'all!

Seriously I'm already bored and depressed going into this week because Deanie Babies is gonezo. And if you DON'T think I'm SCOURING Venice, California for this guy every day of my life now, you're wrong. 


Meeting the Fam


Ohhhh look at Rach switching it up and introducing her family first. Oh wait, her sister is pregnant. This exposition scene with the guys was so stupid and such a waste of time. The Living Room Peanut Gallery hates ChiroBryro at this point. Ohmigah why are she and Peter at this baby store right now I am SO BORED, WHERE IS DEAN?!?!

Ok Here’s the deal: we ALL know she’s gonna choose Bryan. She isn’t gonna choose Eric, Peter isn’t ready to propose, and now they’re having to fill in all this boring exposition because there is NO show. I don’t hate Peter’s stargazer lilies that he brought for Mom and Co, but if only he’d picked them out himself… It was a bold move for her to tell him that she’s falling in love with him too – I’M LOOKING AT YOU, BEN HIGGINS. (But still… marry me, Ben)

Have bag. Will travel. 

Where is Rachel’s dad? I do think it’s telling that Rachel wanted her sister there badly enough to bring the guys to Texas. Also this is very obviously 100% not their house. Sure, they added some family photos up on the wall, but this is not their home. 

I love how Rachel is trying to convince her family that it’s ok for Peter to propose to her after one month because his parents got engaged after one month. As an attorney, she should know that this is a weak argument, Your Honor. 

Loving that the brother in law asked what items are “of note” to Peter. Not concern, just “of note.” But then her mom asked Rachel what the red flags were. And Rachel says “I don’t know if he is ready to propose.” Because THAT is going to be the show, you guys. Peter will be the one who won’t be sure in the end, and she’ll pick Bryan. Ugh, I need to get out of unscripted TV. It's ruining this show for me. 

Peter doesn’t want to ask for Mama Lindsay’s permission and Mama Lindsay LIKES IT. Honestly so do I. Peter is so down to earth. And MERCY, this light of day is making those green eyes shine.

We saw Rachel’s dog and I go “What’s the dog’s name?” Carolyn says “Copper.”
And we both looked at each other and said “THAT NEVER HAPPENS!” (Carolyn has trouble with names. And small, minute details. Like the name of a dog we’ve seen twice. This was a big moment for her.)

Carolyn’s roommate Jyoti hasn’t seen a lick of this entire season, and after Peter’s date she goes “I just don’t think he…. Likes her.”

She’s not wrong.


Rachel’s uncle remembers that Eric was one of the guys that came on at the After the Final Rose, and I am HERE for his superfandom. 

I wish that Constance had taken the moment that she spoke with Eric to sing Celine Dion’s “Have You Ever Been in Love”… I really wish she’d carpe-d that diem, but alas, she just gleaned that he's never actually been in love.

Eric asked for Mama Lindsay’s permission… She gave him a very diplomatic answer. So diplomatic that I still don’t even know what the answer actually was.


Ok that’s all I got on Eric. Oh good grief. Now it’s time for ChiroBryro and I 🍩 care. SHE’S INTRODUCING HIM TO HER FRIENDS! I’m telling you he’s going all the way. This is like when Nikki met Juan Pablo’s family.

RACHEL, to her friends: I thought he was a d-bag!
CAROLYN: I definitely still do. 

Honestly I kind of zoned out while Bryan was talking to her family because I was reading about someone’s speech to the Boy Scouts today, but also I was bored AF. Ohhhh loooook, he’s leaving the dining room, Rachel is annoyed… He’s probably going to get a human body art performance sketch of his love for her, calm DOWN, Rach. (I don’t even know what that means, but he probably left to go fetch some grand gesture) Wait but now we’ve gone to a commercial break. No art performance sketch? Constance doesn’t think Bryan is genuine and I completely agree with her. Constance is giving me Ben Patton taking on Ben Higgins and I am INTO IT. (Honestly, either of those Bens: MARRY ME) Is it just me, or has Rachel been talking Bryan up to us this whole season when we can all see right through him? Kind of in the way that your coworker talks up that one guy who is just THE guy and then you meet him and you think, "Really? Him?" And THEN you kind of doubt your entire relationship with your coworker cause you realize her standards are in a place that is totally different than you thought and THEN you start to kind of doubt YOURSELF because maybe you're a poor judge of where people's standards are? 

I seriously just made up that entire scenario just now, truly: THAT'S how bored I am. Gracious. (But I know you guys know what I mean. Seriously does ANYONE like Bryan? Let me see a show of hands...)

Rachel sits down with her mom and comes at her wearing her attorney hat, as she tries to convince her that it’s ok to say “I love you” after like, six minutes.


All I can think about while they’re walking around Spain is…. “If I were The Bachelorette, I’d need my toe shoes.”” So much walking today. This scenery is pretty beautiful. I wouldn’t mind going here. The last place I’ve been really impressed by was Antigua, on stupid Dez's season. I will never tire of the site of the mountains next to the ocean. 

This dinner between Eric and Rachel is painful and boring. I love how “I love you” has somehow become the litmus test for the leads on this show. Like, no matter what kind of person they’re dealing with, ALL THEY NEED is to hear “I love you.” He says it and she’s ready for the fantasy suite. Mercy. Also: why is Eric wearing an undershirt on this date? Like, a straight up white undershirt. Like Big Daddy wears. 

Oh wow. We are seeing Rachel and Eric walk around the morning after. She does NOT have eyelashes on and she looks GREAT. Seriously, she needs to cut back on the lashes. 

Peter and Rachel visit a vineyard that was… built on love. I don't know about that, but I really enjoy this Spanish man singing right now. 

PETER FOR THE WIN. That cork. I don’t even care if this story is made up. I love Peter. Not as much as I love Dean, but I love Peter. He isn't ready to propose, so they'll probably orchestrate a Brad Womack Redemption storyline and make him the next Bachelor and I am HERE FOR IT. 

Ohhhh Rachey is getting angry that Peter isn’t ready to propose. She’s getting real aggressive. This is weird that it is now a thing for them that they don’t agree on the definition of… engagement? 

OHMIGAH WHY ARE WE BEING STRUNG ALONG TO NEXT WEEK?!?! Although next week is the Men Tell All and you guys KNOW how much I love that shiz. 

So stoked for Lee and Kenny to face off. And for the Men Tell All audience to appreciate Deanie Babies.

Oh wait, next week might be... TV-less... Carolyn and I are moving into a place and don't have a TV (yet) soooo if anyone has a TV they'd like to sell to us... Or if anyone has a nice man they'd like for me to marry... Or cookies, honestly. You know, the usual things. 

If you're a bird, I'm a bird...

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Special Guest Host and Commentator: GRAN

​Have I told you guys how my mom used to take notes on shows when I was in high school? (Didn’t have DVR then, still don’t have it now.) She would watch Alias and The Bachelor when I was in rehearsal then give me a run down when I got home. TEAM WORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK. You know how super fancy people have guest hosts of their podcasts? That’s what I’m doing today. Here is Gran Gran’s commentary and recap of the show, for your viewing pleasure…

ERIC...in Baltimore... Took Rachel to "good part first, bad part last.” Played some hoops, then sat on basketballs to talk. He has never brought home a girl. His best friend was impressed. He had no role models, so he had to "put his big boy pants" from an early age. Admits he puts up a front that says "I'm OK.” Met the fam in a swanky hotel. Mom asks what it's like to be first black Bachelorette. Eric said he was running from love. Did NOT tell her he loved her.

BRYAN... Met her in Domino Park, and they shared Cuban cuisine. Rachel is very nervous. Bryan’s old GF was threatened by his mom. Mom told Rachel that she would kill her if she broke his heart. Dead Serious. Bryan is a mama's boy. BUT he did tell her that he loved her. Big Daddy loved that this was in Miami and kept asking if you knew every person on the screen, if they were going to go to your church, or if they’d stop in Little Havana and see Allycat.

PETER... Isn’t ready yet??!! Mercy. His friends loved her. At home, Rachel melted with Peter's niece, watching him interact with her. Rachel said he was more reserved around his family, but she connected with Mom and Sissy. Rachel said she was committed to a man, and NOT the proposal.

DEAN... Rachel jumped him when she first saw him. She does that ALOT. It was D's first visit home in 2 years. He is “troubled,” as Big Daddy would say. His dad is really bizarre. Dressed like some Shaman. No communication with Dean. Dad hit the gong and said Dean had a lack of energy and power.  Then Dean proceeded to go off on his dad, and dad simply walked away. I can sum it up in 1 word: BAGGAGE. He also didn’t tell her he loved her.

Rose ceremony:  First of all, her metallic blue eye make-up was HIDEOUS. Nothing we’ve seen before. Mercy. Rachel has feelings for all 4 men. Bryan was the ONLY one to say I love you. With Dean, she said he was a big surprise...but then she dumped him.  She seemed to be hemming and hawing thru the entire ceremony. Dean was obviously upset in Limo...saying he'd found true love...So, why didn't he say so to Rachel? I can sum it up: he was shell shocked by visit to his family.

I know a lot is riding on this commentary... May I disavow myself?​


Guys, be sure and comment to tell Gran what a good job she did. Also she sent me THIS in the mail the other day, and if you’ve ever spent more than sixteen seconds with me, you know I LOVE some good drapery. Coupled with Lilly Pulitzer = the DREAM.

Three cheers for Gran! 

If you're a bird, I'm a bird... 

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Tomorrow will be difficult. I don’t know what else to say. Except: BYE!


I love that we’re hearing from Matt for the FIRST TIME THIS ENTIRE SEASON. He and Adam HAVE to know why they’re here. They are there for the explicit purpose of being easy to send home. That is IT. ChiroBryro gets ANOTHER one on one date… Adam and Matt still haven’t had one on one dates.

Now is obviously my favorite time to bring up that ONE RANDOM DUDE from Ali Fedotowsky's season... David? We genuinely DID NOT hear him speak until the episode before hometowns in like, Reykjavik when he was sent home.
I'm about to look this dude up on Spokeo

At least Adam had Adam Jr. as a point of reference, but SHEESH these two got ZERO airtime. Hopefully they have better luck in Paradise.

One on One: ChiroBryro:

I really don’t care that they’re driving this stupid car around Switzerland. Take me to the site of the Geneva Convention, that’s all I care about. This stupid Bentley reminds me of how they gave Dez a baby blue Bentley on her season and it was SO. STUPID. I hate cars and cannot be bothered. (Except shoutout to my favorite guy, Rodger the Prius, because he is bae. All other cars are a waste of time.) Show me that you have a copy of the 1623 First Folio - THEN I'll be impressed. Mercy.

The only reason I’ve heard of this watch place is because I have to drive through the Watch District to get to Carolyn’s house every Monday. And by “Watch District,” I mean that for a stretch of three or four miles on Pico Blvd, there are ONLY billboards for luxury watches. Including Breitbart, here. Wait what is it, Breitling? I 🍩 CARE.


I love that they set up Matt and Adam to talk on the balcony about how they haven’t had one on ones dates. Are they mortified as they watch this, seeing what kind of pawns they were? One has to wonder...


Ok is it just me, or is Rachel going HEAVY on the hand jewelry this season? Which is a lot for me to say because I’ve been stacking as many rings on my fingers for as long as I can remember but there is just SO much metal happening on her hands. It’s pretty much the only thing I have to think about on this date because they’re JUST making out and talking about luxury things that 🍩 move me.

That is a FULL glass of wine that Rachel is working with, at the dinner table right now.

I appreciate that Bryro went to an all boy’s school. I don’t appreciate that he asked Rachel for specifics about her school uniform. I am liking this symphony that is playing for them. But honestly, I low-key miss Josh Rachet, from Juan Pablo’s season…

Rachel says Bryan “brings out the best in her,” and that is because he LITERALLY SUCKS IT OUT OF HER, mercy!!

One on One: 
Dean Don't-Punch-Me-In-The-Face Unglert

Dean asks Rachel “is ths Sunday best?” EVERYTHING YOU DO IS SUNDAY BEST, DEAN.

You guys… Dean’s smile is… I don’t even know how to describe it. White Oleander? It has to be poisonous, right? BUT IT IS SO PRETTY. I don’t know why I said it could be poisonous. I don’t mean that. I take it back, Dean, MARRY ME. I have zero problems with this date being an outing to church. Wish they didn’t have to make conversation with people who don’t speak English, but whatever.



Also why is Dean so nervous on this date?! He is imploding right now before our very eyes and I don’t understand what’s happening. Meanwhile, Matt is ruminating on the fact that Dean is “set in his ways” as a guy in his twenties… Is it 25 year olds that are set in their ways or 37 year old chiropractors? Remind me… I have no qualms about the fact that Dean asked Rachel what her favorite dinosaur was, I can definitely get behind that question. Thank goodness she finally got to the bottom of it at dinner tonight, but I wish that Rachel had asked him “WHAT’S WRONG” so much earlier in the day. Kind of stoked to see what on earth his family could possibly be like. What does he mean when he says his dad is "eccentric?" (Update: judging by the previews, that means EVERYTHING and I cannot wait) Take me home to your eccentric Dad, Deanie Babies, I won't judge.

One On One: Peter

Rachel and Peter are going to the Alps… and it greatly reminds me of Sean’s Giant Snowbus aka one of my favorite dates in Bachelor history. Seriously I looked at Carolyn and said, “What does this date remind me of?” And she goes “Sean’s Giant Snowbus!” Then we high fived.



(I actually asked this outloud and Bryan goes “Yes, Grace. They are. Don’t ruin it for everyone else.”)

Peter told Rachel some stuff about his last girlfriend… I was half listening cause I was reading this terrifying article about global warming, it’s fiiiiiine:

Three on One:

Obviously the producers have been feeding Adam some LINES because he just told us that he has a stronger relationship than any of the guys in the house....


CAROLYN: She is wearing a CROP TOP. It is SNOWING.

I think Eric’s date was on the Tuesday episode last time and I just need to remark that seriously NO ONE has ever made such a strong comeback in Bachelor history, EVER. The rate at which he was able to get out of his head and pull it together was ASTONISHING. And now he just wants to be her shoulder to lean on. He is a Bachelor prodigy. Whatta legend.

Meanwhile Adam is ABSOLUTELY deranged. He is feeling confident and at peace and we all know what THAT means.

And now Matt is telling Rachel that he loves having seen her evolve over the past 8 to 10… months? Huh? Ohhh she’s already crying.

That was also strangely the longest goodbye kiss we’ve seen in Bachelor history. Interested to see if he's perked up at all by the Men Tell All.

Obviously they had to cut for time, so we didn’t see Rachel have time with Adam during the day, nor did we see her tell the dudes that she had just sent Matt home, but whatever. This date is already long AF.

Adam is spitting some serious game as he talks to Rachel, but we all know that she’s giving the rose to Eric! Was ANYONE thinking otherwise?? Mercy.

Ok. We're now down to four. I am SO excited for Dean's hometown next week, it's kind of unreal.

If you're a bird, I'm a bird...