Monday, June 26, 2017

Tides of Realness


1a) There's apparently a three part interview with DeMario happening sometime this week. I learned that when I went to to try to login to my yahoo email account. Couldn't guess my password. Gave up. But excited about that interview. 
2) I watched live at home tonight with my roommate Adrienne because Carolyn and Johnny are literally too famous to function - they were at a MOVIE PREMIERE for a film that Carolyn's company did. Everything famous that's ever happened is those two. 
3) I won't get to tomorrow night's episode til probably Thursday - I have dinner plans with two of my favorite ladies tomorrow that I sternly refuse to reschedule. 


We open with Eric being too drunk to even fully open his eyes. Then Chiro Bryro tells Rachel some math equation about how they’re perfect for one another and I’m annoyed by him. WE JUST SAW SO MUCH OF HIS TONGUE WHILE THEY MADE OUT OH MY WORD.

I really appreciate how Will said something to the effect of “I don’t care about Lee and Kenny, unless someone is throwing punches.
....That said, I will go and watch.”

I think that’s my entire life summed up in two sentences.

Here’s the thing that Kenny and Lee need to do: have this discussion in front of Rachel. THAT is how they could solve this. I’m not saying I’m King Solomon (remember when those two women with the baby came to him and he was like “I know how to settle this”) BUT I KNOW HOW TO SETTLE THIS. If they hashed it out in front of Rachel it would go so differently. Especially because she's an attorney. Now Lee is walking away from the conversation, a definite giveaway that he has lost the argument. Good, cause I was tired of listening to them talk over one another. They were worse than political pundits on Meet the Press.

Group rose is going to Chiro Bryro, I’m calling it right n- oh, look. It did.  As his twin, Alex, stands behind him. Ouch. And then Rachel just slinks out. Kenny congratulates Bryan, implying that this is a contest, and then he... whispers at Lee.

One on One date: Jack
Oh my gosh this date with Jack is PAINNNN FULLLLL. Y’all what is even happening!!!??? This is disastrous. Why... is Jack... the way that he is?? No hot sauce on my oyster, please. Jack is every uncomfortable quality that a man could possibly have, rolled into one. 

Ok here's my one insight about Jack - You KNOW that Jack is every girl's friend. You know that every girl he’s ever known has told him that he’s a "great catch" and is "totally the marrying type".... but they won’t go on a date with him. BECAUSE HE IS THE CREEPIEST MAN ALIVE!! 

These background Shaggin Dancers are so excited to be featured on this show, though. 
Live your best life, shaggers. 


And why does Jack keep giving her this serial killer look?!!? I didn't even have to wait for this moment. I just pointed my camera, snapped a picture and it was his serial killer face because he was hardly ever NOT making that face. And yes, that's how many cords it takes to run the TV to an antenna through a converter box because I insist on living no later than the year 1994. 

There seriously hasn’t been a date this bad since that guy Doug that Emily Maynard had to send home mid-group date after he tried to kiss her. I am locked in the fetal position and have no plans to get out of it any time soon.

I love how Rachel takes everything he says so literally – like when he told her he "couldn’t focus during the dancing," she looked at him like, "Oh so you have ADD?" Or how he was "shocked the first time he spoke to her," she looked like she was ready to ask, "Oh, did they tell you the Bachelorette was gonna be white?" She can't even enter onto a joking level with him because she is SO repulsed by him. 

Aaaaaand the first thing Jack would do back in Dallas is… lock the door. MERCY!! Rachel had a weird soundbite about that, saying how it showed her what kind of man he was, when there are plenty of things they could be doing around Dallas. I would argue that it isn't so telling that he wants to "go to Dallas and lock the door," but that he wants to do that and she doesn't feel good about it. Because I can guarantee that if Peter or ChiroBryro said that, she'd be all about it. 

WHY DIDN’T WE GET AN EXIT INTERVIEW FROM HIM?! I really hope he's on BIP. Full disclosure: I somehow found myself combing DEEP into Taylor’s Instagram comments (Mental Health Counselor Taylor who got into it with Corinne – remember her?) and she and Danielle M from last season were calling out some trolls, and then Jack jumped in on the fun… Probably because none of them have jobs and sit around on Instagram all day... It was several days ago before BIP resumed filming, so who KNOWS what will happen down there. Also I will never NOT endorse going deep into someone’s Instagram comments. It’s worth it every time. 

Can't stop. Won't stop. 

Whoa, Will is spitting some truth at Lee right now about what’s going on with Kenny. Lee isn’t having it. Guys, Will is growing on me something FIERCE. (EvenThoughHeDressedUpAsUrkel)

Rose Ceremony:
Adam and Iggy clearly missed the dark suit memo, but I’ll let it slide. I can’t believe they made Kenny and Lee stand beside each other but I’m obviously here for it.

Roses went to: Eric, Peter, Adam, Will, Matt, Alex, Josiah, Anthony, Kenny, and… Lee.

Wait what did Lee say about Kenny? A phrase that they use down south? I missed it. And I’m watching live so I can’t rewind!

I’m glad Iggy has support from his dudes. They seem to really like Iggy. Ok I really didn’t hate Jonathan's“one for the road” moment. It was definitely the most self-aware he's been all season and I’ve got time for that. Didn’t need to see his “tickle hands,” though. Woof.

Iggy is crying and saying that he has learned more about himself in the past four weeks than he has in thirty years. Can someone PLEASE explain to me how this show "teaches you about yourself?" Because I don’t understand how it does anything but make you miserable and insane… (and very TV worthy)

MOVING ON. Norway:

Glad that Rachel got a copy of the Norwegian Welcome Packet so she could read us the amenities that Norway has to offer. She couldn't have been any less excited about it.

RACHEL: This is real. I’m trying to find a husband.

Rachel says that when you travel with someone, you really get to know them… Rachel, that’s when you’re stuck in a car with someone for seven hours. THAT’S how you get to know someone. Not when you fly cheap Norw-air while production makes it look like a chartered plane touched down on that runway just now... (No, "Norw-air" isn't a thing, but I should probably make it one.)

One on One: ChiroBryro

Dean thinks Bryan is going to go home… I respect Dean, but I think his barometer is a bit off on that one.

Rachel informs ChiroBryro that they are going to repel down off a huge ski jump. Cool. Scared of heights, scared to open up to love, blah blahhh.

Did I tell you guys that we’re doing the Sky Slide this weekend? It’s at the US Bank Building… You know, the slide that’s 70 stories up in the air that Nick and Vanessa DIDN’T do when they dined on top of the US Bank building. (Seriously why else would you POSSIBLY go to the US Bank building?)

WHY IS RACHEL RAPPELLING THIS IN HEELS? Sara Jung, may we please get an official statement from Rock Climbers of America about how this is a bad idea? (No, Rock Climbers of America isn't a thing - well, as far as I know it's not - but I should really make that one a thing)

Ok they’re a little bit charming together. I’m not mad. But I could definitely do without the smacking during their kisses.

I support the conversation that Rachel and Bryan are having at dinner right now. Super vulnerable. But when are we going to get to the fact that it’s crazy that he is still single?

Chiro Bryro told her that he’s falling in love with her and he has had NO MORE than eight total hours of conversation with her. No joke. God bless America and God bless reality TV.

Adam, Dean, Anthony, Peter, Matt, Will, Alex, Eric, Josiah

These outfits are dumb. They’re not even funny, Is Matt on this date? Can’t even tell.

I strangely love that Will played hand ball at summer camp growing up. I'm seriously thinking about tweeting incessantly at Will and making him meet me at the Venice Gold's Gym when he's in town for the Men Tell All. Any thoughts on that?

Peter has a GREAT attitude about this and is using his time on the court SO wisely.

Why is Dean wearing a jock strap on the outside of his jersey? Mad protection of the family jewels? Adrienne and I can’t figure it out but aren't ready to quit giggling about it.

I CAN’T BELIEVE RACHEL AND PETER GOT IN THE HOT TUB ON THE GROUP DATE! WHAAAAAT. That's honestly... kind of rude. Like, I believe the dudes when they said "Well here he is three hours later" when Peter finally emerged... Shout out to the Production Assistant who got to blow dry his hair and comb their fingers through those silky silver fox waves...

Group date rose went to Will. Peter obviously didn’t get it because she feels like he doesn’t need any affirmation DUH.

Two on One Date:

It always amuses me how people talk about preparation for these dates saying things like, “I’m calm, I’m focused,” like it’s an actual marathon. The proper response would be “I’m excited to spend time with Rachel!” Come on, dudes.

It’s also entertaining that the people that get sent on the two on one dates… have no physical connection with the lead. Remember Corinne and Taylor? (Don't tell me Nick and Corinne had physical chemistry) Or Alex and Mad Chad? Or Olivia and one of the Twins? Zero. Physical. Connection.

Is it just me or does Lee look… puffy? Like he had one too many drinks last night? Is that just me?

WHOA LEE IS LAYING DOWN A SCENE, HERE. Mercy. I can’t wait for VanGate to come up at the Men Tell All

Ok I'm no lawyer, but I DO want to explain some logistics, here. I'm not defending either party, but I have found that I am a VIGOROUS defender of clear communication, and I want to point out what happened, here with VanGate: 

Lee told Rachel something to the effect of "Kenny got really aggressive with me, he wanted to pull me out of the van one night... He showed up and said "Is Lee in there?!" 

Interestingly, Lee made no mention of Kenny actually laying a hand on him. Kenny probably said "Is Lee in there?" so he would know to ride in the other van. But because Lee set up his statement with "Kenny wanted to pull me out of the van," all Rachel heard was "Kenny attempted to pull me out of the van." 

Which Kenny obviously didn't do. I can't speak to the whole "Kenny said he has a dark side that comes out when he drinks," but in terms of VanGate, Lee pulled a REAL snaky move and IMPLIED a whole bunch of things. 

But I'm bummed that Rachel Lindsay, Doctor of Laws, didn't pick up on that. 

Very curious to see if she sends them both home. I feel like she doesn't, cause we have yet to see the instance where Kenny ends up with that blood on his face, which is obviously fake... SO MANY QUESTIONS. 

Until tomorrow, if you're a bird, I'm a bird.

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