Monday, February 27, 2017

He Prayed for an Easy Love...

So I had to work late tonight. And while waiting on some things to finish up, I turned on the TV in the kitchen. Don't try and stop me, America. I WILL PROVIDE YOU WITH COMMENTARY, MY DEAR FRIENDS. I caught the janitor up on the entire season in about four minutes.

Quick thoughts on the Oscars last night:

- Um, round of applause for Sara Bareilles. That song was outstanding and her performance was so moving. Goodness.

- Of COURSE Viola looked amazing. She never DOESN'T look amazing, but shoutout to Joanna Natasegara for a) the documentary but b) I'm in love with that dress.
I love a good train. And Selma Hayek's face is amazing in this one. 

- ONCE AGAIN, like with the Super Bowl, I was ready to turn off the TV when they announced Best Picture... This screen grab sums up the whole thing pretty well:
Wouldn't wanna work at PWC today...

- And finally, a word on Casey Affleck. I've read a lot of articles, but this is the most concise and informative one I've come across in the past 24 hours.

Ok here we go...
I miss Andi. And I miss Andi and Nick. I feel like she has a little too much collagen on her lips, but I'm here for it. Live your best life, Dorfman. There was zero point to this little visit, it was kind of overproduced, but whatever

Rose Ceremony: Corinne's crying is epic. She already had snot on her face before he called Vanessa's name. And like, she has moisture on her face... and is making sounds... but still is 100% not crying. She is gonna be MONEY on Bachelor in Paradise. Also what is she WEARING?! The best I heard from remote LRPG member Buck was "a fur coat one piece bathing suit," and I don't disagree. Nick putting her in the limo right now is the same as him putting Bella in the car to send her tearfully off to summer camp. So stoked for her summer in Mexico.

Moving onto Finland: 

You guys, I am so floored by Raven's admission... ON NATIONAL TELEVISION.

Are you kidding me. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I am incensed. ENRAGED. Hike up your bloomers, step over the muddy stream and MOVE ON, RAVEN. There is no need to slosh around in this swampy deluge right now Raven, you are a LADY!! 

Look, all power to my ladies. Live your life. Learn the things. Figure it out. BUT DON'T DRAG IT ALL AROUND ON NATIONAL TV. Lord have mercy! 

I am a fan of Raven's low made up look, today. As they schlep around... Finland. Nick says being with Raven makes him feel a little "crazy in a good way"

...probably because she stabbed her ex with a stiletto. But who's counting?

​I'm also very in favor of this steaming vs. ironing conversation, especially in light of my Monday night last week - I had been a HUGE advocate of the steamer up until JUST last week. Stay tuned.

Interesting that Raven just assumes that she has to have sex with Nick tonight... ​JUST an observation.

This turtleneck that Nick has opted to wear at dinner is a lot for me. I'm also concerned that they are having to discuss their favorite parts of the day at dinner. Because that's what we did at.... family dinner when I was seven.

Oh no. Now she's talking about what her dad prayed for... (Also I don't know how I feel about the fact that her dad praying for "an easy love?" I'm pretty sure Big Daddy's prayers for me have NEVER featured the word "easy.") Nick says it is the best love profession he's ever heard of. Really, Nick? Really? It is? It's the BEST one? Fortunately the Future Mr. Grace Douglas has a LOT more than THAT to which he may look forward...  (yes I AM accepting applications for the highly coveted Mr. Grace Douglas Award right now...)

Whew. What a short night. We get three hours of this next week. 

Until then... if you're a bird, I'm a bird... 

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