Monday, January 5, 2015

First Impression Blog

Extended thoughts up later today.

In the meantime:

I am a FAN of:
- Britt, the smiley girl from LA. First rose and first kiss. 
- Kaitlyn, the Miley-Cyrus-esque, strangely sober dance teacher
- Jade, the cosmetics developer who cried about parking at the Promenade. She's going far. 
- Megan, probably maybe ONLY just because she's from Nashville. 

Need MORE of:
- Tara, the drunk
- Ashley, and her onions. Her empowering onions. 
- For once, the rose ceremony tension is not "who will get the rose" but rather:"will Tara make it through this?" 

Need NONE of:
- Mackenzie. PLEASE do something about your hair. And about your age. 
- Panty-dropping Amanda and her CrAzY eYeS. 
- Ashley I. Yap yap yap
- Jillian and her guns. 
- Trina: shut UP about the other girls. 

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