Tuesday, March 11, 2014


I just... I'm at a LOSS. I mean, what did we WATCH last night?? Fortunately I'm economically savvy enough to not chuck stuff at my TV and therefore have to buy a new one, but Chris Harrison was NOT off base in his remark about that being the case for many viewers (ok maybe he misspoke about the demographic, because I DON'T know that Internationale de la Pollo Loco is watched by TV destroyers, but ANYWAY) I have very many things to say. Commentary will be up sometime tomorrow. As well as a description of the AWESOME SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY MY ROOMMATES THREW FOR ME, THAT HAD A BACHELOR THEME. (Yes, the finale aired on my birthday. It's fine.) Spoiler alert: there was a contestant at the party who's name tag read "String Cheese, age 43, Ferry Boat Driver."
Finally: this post is dedicated to Joshua and Lisel Allbee. They are ALSO financially savvy enough to not THROW THINGS at their television....

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