Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Episode 3: TBA (To Be Annotated)

So let's look at a run-down of last night's events:

1) I started watching it through a live stream on Eastern Time and Lez and Sean had juuuust sealed the deal for longest on-screen kiss (it must have been sooooo strenuous) and the computer froze. And once it was conscious again, it said the channel was "offline." SUH-WEET.
2) My engineer consultant, Joshua Albee had advised me via his Grace Informant, Lisel Albee, to pick up a 12$ antennae set at Best Buy, for our TV, so we could get network channels.
3) So my roommate and I trekked to Best Buy, DETERMINED to watch this show. We picked up a 15$ antenna and a 20$ antenna and proceeded to ask our new best friend, Ramen, if we really needed the 20$ one, or if we could skate by with the 15$ one... Carolyn insisted that she "didn't want a fuzzy picture."
Grace: That is a non-cable MYTH. Just because we don't have cable doesn't mean we're going to have a fuzzy picture.
Carolyn: Well, whenever I went over to friends' houses when I was a kid, if they didn't have cable, they had a fuzzy picture...
Grace: I'm pretty sure the Douglas Family was the ONLY family to not have cable 15 years ago, and you definitely weren't over at my house, so I really think this is some kind of deeply-rooted instance of transferral or something...

After witnessing the above exchange, Ramen said "I mean, either way you're going to have to adjust the antennae around to get good reception..."

Carolyn was still stewing about the fuzzy picture before I plucked the box out of her hands and muttered something like, "Come on, this will make for better stories to tell your kids about your post-grad days..."

Covering all of our bases, I quizzed Ramen, "So even if our TV is from 1997, this thing will plug into it and we can access ABC?"
Ramen: Oh yes. Wait...
Grace: WAIT?! Why was there a "wait," in there?
Ramen: Well if it's an old TV, you'll have to get an analog to digital converter box for 60$.
Ramen: if it's an old TV, this antenna will connect to it and it will get analog channels... But there almost all digital, here...

I nearly withered into a puddle of despair right then and there, but I begrudgingly nodded at Ramen and got my Cable consult on the phone. They said our chances of success were low, but we might as well try...

........We tried.

No avail.

So we watched West Wing instead.

I know most of America is waiting with baited breath on the edge of their seats for my commentary - not to worry: it will be up by the end of the night...

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