Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Women Tell All... but not to Grace

True Life, True Tori:

I haven't watched the Women Tell All.

You want the truth?

Nevermind that it was the single episode to which I'd been looking MOST forward, all season.


1) I moved over the weekend. And in case anyone was wondering: it rained more over that one weekend than it has in the past two years COMBINED. 
2) I was moving in a pick-up truck. Special thanks to the Living Room Peanut Gallery for all of their help. 
3) We have no TV. Correction: we HAD no TV. My sweet roommate went out and got one on Monday night, only to discover that the antennae were not compatible.
4) We have no cable. Or working antennae.
5) We have no internet. No Hulu, no Hulu Plus, no, no NUTHIN'.

So basically, the jury is still out on whether or not I will even watch it by a decent time, so the jury is DEFINITELY still out on whether or not there will be commentary about it.

BUT IF YOU'LL EXCUSE ME, it's time for me to go wring out my Vibrams, that got SOAKED over the weekend.

Note to self: wet, cold feet in the middle of February do NOT keep one warm...

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